It's September 3... two months from Election Day.

#TeamSadaf is working day and night to be ready. But many hands make light work, and we need your help to ensure VICTORY IN 60 days.

Are you ready to tackle the things that must be done for Sadaf to win the Place 6 seat on Frisco City Council?


If not you, then... who? If not now, then... when?

Pick one -- or a few -- of the items on this list!

Sadaf has many supporters but we know 50,000+ Frisco residents will vote in this election. We will never reach all of them if everyone who is #ForSadaf doesn't help us get the word out. Whether it's easier for you to give time, talent, treasure or something else... we'll take it.

And of course, let everyone know that you're committed to #VictoryIn60 with our hashtag.


Or $25! Or $6! Or $600! Any amount is welcomed and needed.

We deliver! and... the color really pops.

We only reach 50,000 voters with people power. That's you!

Follow the campaign 💕 on every platform to help boost the signal to others.

...Then, send this link out to all your friends and neighbors so they can check theirs!