Frisco Deserves Better.

The bigoted and hate-filled mailers we were warned of last summer have arrived.

Update, 11/2/2020:  The Dallas Morning News has written a story about these mailers.  Brian Livingston denies them and instead tries to paint himself as the victim.

Update, 10/31/2020:   WFAA interviewed me about the mailers

Update, 10/30/2020:  Brian Livingston has denied responsibility for the mailers in a Facebook post, but refuses to denounce the tactics themselves.

October 30, 2020


Supporters of Brian Livingston / Sai Krishna have sent two disgusting mailers to Frisco homes today. These were not sent to potential voters, which is what they would have done if they were actually trying to sway votes, but to the people who have supported me, donated to me, and to other prominent community leaders. This is an intentional act to defame me.


Then, they emailed and texted it around to dozens or hundreds more. They are still sending it far and wide, feigning innocence. This kind of mailer is not new to Frisco, but I think many had hoped that ugly behavior had gone away.

My campaign has been strong and successful, which terrifies Brian Livingston and his supporters.  They have built no momentum with voters on his merits or voting record, so they have continuously stooped to attacks, fear-mongering smears and slights. Overt and covert racism and bigotry like this have been the one consistent theme from them during this race (I have withheld the most vile of these from publication, because it is upsetting to my family and supporters... and dangerous Islamophobes do not need more attention). 


It has been utterly disappointing to see -- not only the tactics themselves, but the deafening silence from the so-called "accountable and ethical leaders" in Frisco who have refused to call it out when it happens or rein Brian in.  I will let this pathetic, hate-filled messaging speak for itself.

There is one choice in City Council, Place 6, if you care about integrity.

I encourage you to make a donation to our campaign, of $20.21 or $120.21, to show that you are ready to leave the repulsive racism that has marked this year behind us for good, and that a Frisco where this is okay is not the Frisco you believe in. 


If you would like to volunteer with us this weekend or on Election Day to off-set the Brian supporters who will be handing these flyers out, please email me and I will connect you with our Volunteer Coordinator.  We cannot fight these racists alone.

And I encourage you to reach out to everyone you know and let them know why you are supporting me for Frisco City Council. Polls are open from 7am - 7pm on Tuesday, 11/3.

This is not our city. This is not our country.  It's time for good people to take back values like integrity, honesty, and character... and to insist on sending those values to City Hall.

​It is incumbent upon all of us to continue shining light onto virulent bigotry.  As the Washington Post proclaims in their mission: "Democracy Dies in Darkness."

Anyone with questions about this, or any other attack being lobbed at me by my opponent's surrogates to distract from their otherwise-weak campaign, should contact me anytime.

See you on Election Day,


For those who may not be aware of the clumsy dog whistles included, this mailer is attempting to paint my supporters as anti-Semitic radicals. It also tells outright lies about my policy positions. This was mailed to Republican voters and many of my supporters today, most of whom have already voted. We have not found record of one single Muslim who received this mailer, although many Jewish homes reported receiving it.


There is no such political action committee.  The names on this list (many duplicated to give an appearance of a longer list) are campaign contributors to me, which is public record and duly reported on our campaign finance reports. 


Brian's supporters used first-class postage and a return mailing address from a vendor pulled off my campaign finance report to avoid disclosure, and try to tie this non-existent group back to me. The address has been a topic of much obsession for Brian's rabid supporters in the last month, and they have defamed me with accusations of money laundering for jihadist groups and Democratic front operations.


This was mailed to Republican voters today.  Those investigating are able to prove it was sent by the same anonymous group that sent the other. The arguments made in it about me are the same ones that have been made repeatedly over the last few weeks on Facebook by Brian's most loyal and vocal supporters, and all of which have been decried and denounced and refuted by me in writing repeatedly. 


There is no return address, nor legally-required disclaimer or statement about who paid for this mailer, and of course it cannot be the fake PAC of the other flyer since that organization does not exist (and if it was real, a pro-Islam group wouldn't send this).  It makes many of the same arguments, word for word, that Brian's staunchest advocates have been alleging about me for months. As you can see by the stamp, it was purchased on 10/29/2020 in Frisco, Texas; this is the day before the mailers were received.


Our team was warned by many people who have insight to Brian Livingston's campaign that a mailer fitting this exact description would be sent at the end of early voting.