Tracie Reveal Shipman Endorsement

"Intelligence. Integrity. Independent thinker. Those are all qualities that I admire and respect in a leader.

Those very qualities are what drew me to Sadaf Haq as my choice for Frisco City Council, Place 6. 

One of my most memorable achievements as a Frisco City Council member was meeting with Lamar Hunt and his team to recruit them to Frisco. That first meeting was the catalyst for what has become an amazing partnership between our community and the Hunt Sports Group. Sadaf shares my enthusiasm for strong partnerships and opportunities that build community relationships. She and I also share the belief that innovative public-private partnerships will continue to support a solid financial foundation for Frisco. 

Sadaf is my choice for Frisco’s future."

~ Tracie Shipman

Former Frisco City Council, Two Terms

Former Frisco Mayor Pro Tem

Frisco Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee, Vice Chair

Frisco Charter Review Commission

Frisco Community Development Corporation

Visit Frisco (Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) Board 

Frisco Resident for 26 Years

When a friend suggested I meet with Tracie Shipman, the two-term Frisco City Councilwoman who has been at the table and on the front row for so many of Frisco's biggest achievements, I was nervous simply because of her towering reputation. I am so glad I had the courage to take that meeting so long ago, for Tracie has become a true friend and advisor. Her contributions to our city, her deep love for sustainable community and true leadership, and her passion for things I also hold dear like the arts and public education, gave us an instant connection. I am so honored to have her name on my campaign, and her wisdom in my ears.

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