The CTE Baked Goodies!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I love that my first published post on the campaign blog is about pastries. Ha!

Recently this story about the Frisco ISD CTE was going around on Facebook:

Frisco ISD Culinary Students Perfect Kitchen Skills Through Competition.

First, if you don't know about the FISD CTE, I highly encourage you to learn more. It is a unique program of Frisco ISD that is teaching career-readiness with real-world experience while also even providing certifications, in some cases.

One of these programs is the Culinary Arts department. After attending the FISD Board Appreciation reception last month, where several delicious sweets were out for guests, one of my campaign team joked, "These would be so good at your kickoff..." And then an idea was born.

After some research, we found that you can actually purchase trays of baked goods from the Culinary Arts department. Here is the order form if you want to check it out for yourself!

And of course we had to have the raspberry-white chocolate bars... they were delicious and matched my hot-pink color scheme. What's not to love.

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