Renee Sample Endorsement

"Sadaf represents Frisco by listening to others, respecting all people, caring for our citizens and her love for family. I have known Sadaf for over three years, and we serve together on the Frisco Inclusion Committee. She is genuine, approachable and empathetic.

When you meet Sadaf and talk with her, you can hear the passion she has for all people, and for the city -- whether in ethics, operations or city policy matters.


Sadaf truly is putting in the work. She is out in the community listening: getting to know old and new residents, attending city meetings, and meeting with past and current leaders. City officials represent us in closed session, and make decisions that impact our families. We need to know someone is in that room we can trust.

With her vision, commitment and passion, I believe Sadaf is the right person for City Council."

~ Renee Sample

Frisco Education Foundation Board Member and President-Elect

Leadership Frisco Class XX

Greater Frisco Jack and Jill of America, Inc. (JJOA) - President & Board Member

Frisco Inclusion Committee (an ad hoc Advisory Committee for Mayor Cheney)

Frisco Global Village Committee member Linking Cultures of Frisco MLK Scholarship Committee member Her Nexx Chapter Board member The Village Giving Circle member

Through the years as Renee Sample and I have gotten to know each other, working together on the Frisco Inclusion Committee and the Frisco Education Foundation, I’ve learned the meaning of firm kindness. Always being kind while standing firm for your beliefs is truly possible. It is a talent I definitely needed before entering the political arena, and I'm glad to have Renee as a role model. She’s a phenomenal leader in our community and I’m honored to have her support!

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