Marian Schulze Endorsement

"I don't remember ever not knowing Sadaf. I think that's because before I met her, I knew her. She'd been serving and leading Frisco in a variety of ways for years. And recently, it's been an honor getting to personally know her through our work on Frisco Interfaith Alliance, Frisco Women's League, and Frisco Fastpacs.

"I'm fortunate to now call her friend. When she was contemplating a run for City Council, she invited me into her home to ask hard questions and learn everything I ever wanted to know about her and her family. We talked at length about her vision for our city. I left thinking Frisco desperately needed her passion, experience, insight, and dedication."

"Although we do not share the same faith tradition, we do share a deep respect for each other’s devotion to their faith with the understanding that we love and serve the exact same God. We are both mothers who want the absolute best for their children. We want our children to have the same opportunities and access to public education, and to feel safe on our city streets. We share a vision of diversity, inclusion, and unity and we also both believe that leadership should reflect the community they represent.

"We both believe that everyone’s voice matters -- and that building a bigger table and not a higher wall -- will bring our city and our community together. Her love and commitment for ALL citizens of this city is unparalleled -- and that is why I am honored to support her for Frisco City Council, Place 6."

~ Marian Schulze

Founder of Frisco Fastpacs

Wife and Mother of 4 Frisco ISD Students

Frisco Resident for 15 Years

When I think of children and hunger, I think of Marian -- who turned an experience of faith and longing into a successful and extremely vital organization. Frisco Fastpacs feeds thousands of children in our area, to make sure they are not distracted from learning by hunger and food insecurity. They have done amazing, important work; I am proud to volunteer for them and I encourage you to make a donation this week. Marian Schulze’s compassion and caring nature makes me so proud to call her a friend. Thank you for your unwavering support since the beginning of my journey. 

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