Katrina Watland Endorsement

"From the minute I met Sadaf, I knew she was something special. Sadaf radiates energy and concern for others. There are countless reasons why I am #ForSadaf, but some of the most important ones are her ability to include, to listen, to analyze and to act with the spirit of community. Sadaf is positive and effective. She is trustworthy and fair. Being #ForSadaf is one of the easiest political decisions I have ever made!"

~ Katrina Watland

Leadership Frisco Class 12 Graduate

Leadership Frisco Advisory Council

Frisco Family Services Board Member

Frisco Fastpacs Board Member

Frisco Chamber of Commerce Member


When I think of Katrina Watland, what comes to mind is how "empowered women empower women". She is a staunch ally of those who fight to be included, those who want the same seat at the table as all other humans. We were introduced by mutual friends and I immediately knew I was better for having met her. For Katrina Watland to be an early believer in me and my vision was an immeasurable boost to my commitment that one shouldn't shy away from a hard fight when it is a fight that matters. I am beyond grateful for Katrina's support and friendship.

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