Dr. Mike Cates Endorsement

The Smith-Muse House at Frisco Heritage Center was Dr. Cates' grandmother's home!

"Above all other things, I think every City Council member should listen to and represent the residents of the city. I am very impressed with Sadaf’s ability to work for everyone while working with anyone.  She brings her own unique education and business experiences that complement her deep compassion for the people of our city, her perpetual optimism, and a steadfast willingness and desire to learn what people want. Our city needs Sadaf on the City Council, and I highly encourage you to vote for her in the upcoming election.

~ Dr. Mike Cates

Dr. Mike Cates is a native and long-standing resident of Frisco.  A graduate of Frisco High School and Texas A&M University, Mike is now retired here after a 28 year career in the U.S. Army and then seven years on faculty at Kansas State University. He currently lives in Frisco Lakes with his wife Linda and pet Norwich Terrier “Buddy.“


Coming from someone who has lived the majority of his life in Frisco, I’m especially grateful for this endorsement. Dr. Cates has seen Frisco grow into the wonderful city it has become... and is still becoming. He has taught me the history of Frisco, and my joining the Frisco Heritage Association has been such a pleasure. Over our visits during the lock-down, we even realized we share similar educational backgrounds. I’m lucky to have you as a mentor, and promise you that my word to protect what made Frisco great will not waver. Thank you, Mike!

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