Angela & Kimball Romney Endorsement

We met Sadaf Haq this past spring and were immediately impressed with her genuine interest in serving the community and helping others. She has demonstrated her dedication to inclusiveness with her involvement as a founding member of the Mayor's Diversity Committee and with Frisco ISD's Diversity Task Force. She values religious freedom -- not just for some, but for all. Sadaf strongly supports education and recognizes the importance of teachers and families working together to strengthen our schools. We are proud to support Sadaf for Frisco City Council. ~ Angela & Kimball Romney

15-year Frisco residents

Small Business Owners

Public School Supporter

Educational Leader


From our very first conversation in the home of a mutual friend, I knew that the Romneys had strong vision for what is right, and what it truly means to be part of a community. We talked about the importance of a strong relationship between our City Council and ISDs, and about how America's Constitutional right to religious freedom must be protected. We've learned that we have good friends in common, and that we all care deeply about how to keep Frisco a place where children can thrive, and families can grow together in health, liberty and prosperity. It is humbling to be trusted with their endorsement. Thank you, Angela and Kimball.

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