Compare the Candidates

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the candidate forums have moved online, giving you a chance to compare and contrast the three Place 6 candidates from the comfort and safety of your own environment.

When you look at Sadaf Haq vs. the other two, the differences are clear and bright. There are very few similarities in experience, approach, philosophy, qualifications and attitudes.

We encourage you to take a look for yourself... at some or all of the media options below!

Dallas Morning News

In the Dallas Morning News Voter Guide, it becomes extremely clear that the incumbent is perfectly happy with the status quo.  Take a look at Sadaf's positions on issues ranging from Frisco's tax rates, peaceful protests, support for Frisco Police Department, our city's economic development, and more. 


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Community Impact

At the Community Impact Frisco candidate questionnaire, Sadaf isn't afraid to say, "The City wasn't perfect on COVID, here are some ways we can improve now that we know more."


It's important that your city leaders are willing to critically self-examine, and not be too egotistical to admit where lessons can be learned.


Frisco Enterprise

At the Frisco Enterprise Candidate Q&A's, Sadaf underscores her support for all residents of Frisco, and for preserving our 4A/4B corporations, which have made Frisco a shining jewel of amenities and quality of life.

Frisco Chamber Candidate Forum

The Frisco Chamber of Commerce is known for its business-focused candidate debate. This year was no different, and Sadaf emphasized her strong opposition to legislative decisions that are intended to reduce local control. The incumbent, meanwhile, took lots of credit for the city's response to COVID, which he grades as an "A".  Watch the Place 6 candidates here